Sierra Moon Goldsmiths Announces New Owners

February 2018
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Sierra Moon Goldsmiths Announces New Owners

Sierra Moon Goldsmiths will be under new ownership as of March 1, 2018.

Fans of the jewelry store are thrilled. Sierra Moon Goldsmiths has been creating unique and one-of-a-kind jewelry for almost 40 years in Old Town Auburn. A recent announcement that the current owners were retiring left the community saddened at the thought of losing this iconic Old Town Auburn establishment.

A new announcement has given fans of the store reason to celebrate:

Sierra Moon Goldsmiths will continue to design and create state-of-the-art jewelry. And as it has before, the torch will be passed to some familiar faces.

Shawn and Brad Baldwin Purchase Sierra Moon Goldsmiths

Shawn and Brad Baldwin have announced they will be the new owners of Sierra Moon Goldsmiths as of March 1, 2018.

The Baldwins are a husband-and-wife entrepreneur team that has lived in Auburn for 11 years and become an integral part of the community along the way.

Shawn worked as the Gallery Manager for Sierra Moon Goldsmiths after a tenure with PlacerArts non-profit arts council. Shawn is also the owner of Shawn Baldwin Homes, a real estate business. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Auburn Chamber of Commerce and is the Marketing Committee chairperson. Brad has a background in glassblowing and is trained in product design. Together they bring artistry, gallery management, and a strong business acumen to a business and community they know and love.

Shawn and Brad are continuing the family-run model of Sierra Goldsmiths and the tradition of passing the business on from owner to passionate employee.

"We couldn't be happier knowing our beloved store, our baby, will live on and continue to serve our community," says Linda Pierce.

Sierra Moon Goldsmiths, at 107 Sacramento Street, was founded by Jan and Gary Lord in the building that was once Auburn’s original butcher shop in Historic Old Town. The Lords created a well-known and well-respected jewelry business with a tight-knit family of talented employees.

Two of these employees, John Lynch and Linda Pierce, took over the business in 2009 when the original owners and founders decided to move on.

John and Linda continued the traditions of Sierra Moon Goldsmiths, and the reputation of Old Town Auburn’s jewelry shop continued to grow.

Now, the torch passes once as John and Linda hand over Sierra Moon Goldsmiths to former Gallery Manager Shawn Baldwin and her husband, Brad.

Sierra Moon Goldsmiths: Distinctive Gold Jewelry and Unique Artistry

Sierra Moon Goldsmiths is hailed as Sierra Nevada's most unique jewelry store and Gold Country's premier destination for one-of-a-kind gold nugget and gold-bearing quartz jewelry. Sierra Moon Goldsmiths uses gold derived from local mines and modern-day miners; the same material that put this area on the map over 150 years ago during the Gold Rush era.

The master jewelers at Sierra Moon Goldsmiths practice the rare art of lost wax casting. The result is truly original pieces of beautiful and unique jewelry that honors the legacy of the region.

The legacy of Sierra Moon Goldsmiths will continue to live on under the new ownership of Shawn and Brad Baldwin. They have an exciting vision for the iconic jewelry store and a commitment to uphold nearly 40 years of stellar reputation as Old Town Auburn’s premier jewelry destination.